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Ragged Mountain Dogs is an all-breed canine rescue located at the foot of picturesque Old Rag Mountain in the Blue Ridge of Virginia. RMD works with rural Virginia animal shelters in an effort to give animals that would otherwise be killed, a second chance at life. RMD takes these "death row" dogs and rehabilitates them physically and emotionally before we offer them for adoption. Some of our animals have issues that we work with for months before they are suited to place in a home. RMD has been the "last chance" for many animals who are now living balanced and fulfilled lives with their loving families.

RMD's founder, trainer, inspiration, and keeper of the flame is Lisa Reid. In 1988 Lisa helped to form the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League, which operated the Rappahannock County shelter. In 1994, through the tireless efforts of RAWL, the shelter became the first county-owned "no kill" shelter in the state of Virginia. In addition, no animal was adopted out until they were spayed or neutered.

In 1997, Lisa left RAWL and began working with a professional dog trainer. Three years later, she struck out on her own and began to house and train dogs for local rescues such as the SPCA of Northern VA and HART. In Lisa's words:

"I was introduced to reality of shelter dogs in 1990. I was part of the organization that handled the daily operation of our local county animal shelter. Many wonderful animals never made it out of this shelter and into homes, simply because they had behavioral issues that were not easily addressed in the shelter environment. It became my mission in life to one day build and maintain a housing situation for those animals that needed the extra help in order to make them 'adoptable'. An emphasis on maintaining their emotional stability was first and foremost a part of my plan. After two years of working with a local trainer/behaviorist, I made the move and went out on my own. From the years I had spent working with shelter dogs, as well as the five years I had spent working in an animal hospital, I was able to create an environment that caters to the emotional and behavioral issues of all the animals in my care. Through routine crating at night, the use of a potty yard, and daytime pens and play yards, I am able to provide the structure my guys need to keep them happy and healthy."

In 2004, Lisa formed her own rescue organization, Ragged Mountain Dogs, in an effort to help even more dogs. She was joined by a small band of seasoned volunteers who share her philosophy and love of canines. Their goals are to rescue dogs in need, rehab (both physically and behaviorally) those rescued dogs, rehome those that are adoptable, and retire those that are too old, or are otherwise unadoptable. Aiding those goals is the world's best veterinarian, Dr. Johnny Clark of Blue Mountain Animal Clinic.

Currently RMD has 23 retired dogs. Several dogs are currently ready for adoption through RMD. In addition, we have a number of dogs that we are housing and rehabbing for adoption for the SPCA of Northern Virginia. One 24 year old retired horse and 3 cats also call RMD home. Since 2005, RMD has been an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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